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Updated Introduction (02/09/2017)

2014-12-24 22:05:32 by Jusu-Tengu


The name's Justin. I'm a traditional artist and music composer.

Here's a few samples of my art for example:


Now music? Here's the story of progress so far.

I began making music, ever since *November 2012. The first song I ever made was in a Japanese composition software called Organya (Org205xb now Org210x). I then moved on to the LittleBigPlanet 2 Music Sequencer, which is where most of my musical progress took place. I lost my old account (Growlgrey) on PSN in January 2014 and had to make a new one (Jusu-Tengu). In late October, I began working with PxTone Collage. That's also when I started recording tons of samples for me to use in PxTone (since it supports wav files). From pianos to timpani's, to organs & oscillations I generated from scratch. After a while, I began using FL Studio 10 during the spring of 2015. As time passed, I became more accustomed to using FL Studio and PxTone as my main DAWs; mostly FL.

Now, I use an FM synthesizer to make my music in FL. Sytrus on 3 Operators and rarely no Filters to simulate the SEGA Genesis' limitations, as I've re-grown my softspot for FM music.

My genre of music varys from Jazz-oriented retro video game music, to Orchestral more-Cinematic music, to Heavy Electronic Experimental music.

I hope you like what I have to offer. Please let me know of what you think of my work & what I can do to improve on (especially my music).


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