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After 7 years, I finally leave... I also made a song to celebrate this milestone in my life.


  I can finally conclude that after spending so much time in school; meeting so many people who would ditch me in the dust or dislike me with a passion; being ignored in a social environment and having the image of being useless to everyone being imprinted in my head; being belittled and mistreated by authoritative staff and not being seen as a fellow human; being proven incompetent and hopeless in mastering supposedly crucial subjects, and suffering for it; losing so many of my original best friends whilst gaining at least 2 true new ones; watching my age group of peers pass me by as they succeed and have their face plastered on the walls and being left alone around a bunch of self-centered kids who are exclusive of other cultures due to their cultural population being dominant; experiencing verbal abuse nonstop and generally blamed for being such a disappointment because the kids can't behave... Witnessing one of my friends get injured in a graduation prank by having a chair fall on him and break his neck...

  ...I hated school, and no one else could be in any better position than mine to be the bellwether of the abhorrent experience, because I have seen it all, and I never want any part of this ever again. I refused to go to Graduation and I refused to go to Prom, despite the Principal himself begging me to go. I don't want to be represented by an environment that never wanted me there, to begin with. For what little moments of enjoyment I derived from the 7 years, I apologize for the fact the negative moments overshadowed them all, and it seems as if not once have I ever been acknowledged for what efforts I have made to make myself seem worthy. I've only been spit on, left in the dust, and ignored. Story of my fucking life; glad to see nothing has changed.

The future is here; I'm moving soon, and the next chapter of my life begins. Here's hoping it gets slightly better.