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Oh jeez, I almost choked on my drink the moment this story ramped up beyond reasonable levels. I was pleasantly surprised and laughed the whole time.

Huh. Well one thing's for sure, I found the ending funny. :3

Review time again! So yeah, I like the surrealism in this one. Since I'm a big fan of surrealism, you got me there. Again, the animation is there, however I believe there could be more frames added for smoothness in the the animation altogether.

As for the music, it's quite a good choice. It seems fitting to the fish's dilemma & the moment of tranquility when he finds what he's looking for. The anatomy of the characters is also pretty spot on, with the exception of the unusually bowl shaped uterus. It's supposed to be more slender on the sides, but I'm sure you drew it that way because it would've been more difficult for the fish to move around in a more enclosed or compacted space.

And a bonus, for the color of the witch-like woman's breasts. I find it better to just color them without the outlines. Like if you need to color the space for the nipples that's fine, but afterwards erase the out line when you're done. But then again, that's just my preference of how I draw them. You don't have to listen to that one.

Aside from that, well done. 3.5 out of 5. :)

golfinho responds:

thanks, i read your reviwe.

Well, I find this... Interesting?

I mean, for sure, I did find it pretty funny. The art style seems quite crude & crass, but I'm sure that's just part of the humor, since in reality you're probably a good artist. The sound effects were decent, but they could be in higher quality though. Higher quality as in you can't hear the classic warbling noises of mp3 compression.

The animation is pretty good as well. It was fluent in motion & was good to providing what bits of continuity can be applied, so that's a plus. And the music? Seems like a pretty fitting choice. Then again, it can applied to a lot of things.

So uhh... yeah. 4 out of 5, I guess.

golfinho responds:


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