Aghhh... Small Update

2017-08-07 18:39:38 by Jusu-Tengu

Just venting for a bit. Can people who seriously don't like my music/remixes here at least tell me why they didn't like it? Like jeez, it shouldn't be hard. Like, there's one rating, and then allofasudden another rating just comes to throw the entire thing into the garbage.

Ughhh, anyway, I'm gonna try coming back to post my stupid shitty music here. The ratings are just out of the question because they're not really helping that much unless if anything is actually written down about the poor rating. It's called "criticism/constructive criticism", not "press-a-button-because-I'm-too-lazy-to-tell-you-what-you're-doing-wrong-or-because-fuck-you".

Updated Introduction (02/09/2017)

2014-12-24 22:05:32 by Jusu-Tengu


The name's Justin. I'm a traditional artist and music composer.

Here's a few samples of my art for example:


Now music? Here's the story of progress so far.

I began making music, ever since *November 2012. The first song I ever made was in a Japanese composition software called Organya (Org205xb now Org210x). I then moved on to the LittleBigPlanet 2 Music Sequencer, which is where most of my musical progress took place. I lost my old account (Growlgrey) on PSN in January 2014 and had to make a new one (Jusu-Tengu). In late October, I began working with PxTone Collage. That's also when I started recording tons of samples for me to use in PxTone (since it supports wav files). From pianos to timpani's, to organs & oscillations I generated from scratch. After a while, I began using FL Studio 10 during the spring of 2015. As time passed, I became more accustomed to using FL Studio and PxTone as my main DAWs; mostly FL.

Now, I use an FM synthesizer to make my music in FL. Sytrus on 3 Operators and rarely no Filters to simulate the SEGA Genesis' limitations, as I've re-grown my softspot for FM music.

My genre of music varys from Jazz-oriented retro video game music, to Orchestral more-Cinematic music, to Heavy Electronic Experimental music.

I hope you like what I have to offer. Please let me know of what you think of my work & what I can do to improve on (especially my music).